All The Rage In Japan: Vacuuming Harmonicas

June 30, 2016


Because Japan will never stop being Japan, the people of the world's weirdest nation are recording themselves vacuuming harmonicas. Does everybody in Japan own a harmonica? Beats me. You know what else beats me? The bridge troll that lives between my cave and the nearest village. It's either pay him two fish or take a beating, and I always choose the beating because I can't fish for shit. I can catch frogs like nobody's business, but he doesn't want frogs, he wants fish. One time I found a dead fish washed up on the riverbank and I gave him that and he let me pass with just a dirty look. Usually I get a beating though. One day I'm going to blow up that bridge and crush his f***ing skull.

Keep going for the video that started it all as well as the Billy Joel Piano Man remix because this is the internet where amazing things happen.

Thanks to Luc, who's starting an entire vacuum-powered band and currently looking for somebody to play the slide whistle.

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