Aliens Everywhere: Video Of Baby Octopuses Hatching

June 2, 2016


Because they really are aliens, this is a video of a bunch of baby Pale Octopuses hatching from their eggs and getting their first taste of the constant terror that is life under the sea. Back me up, Sebastian. "I stay hidden under a rock all day long." See? And what about Flounder? "Eaten by a shark years ago." Dear God. And....Ariel? "Still living with that jerk with the legs." Dammit, I thought for sure they would have broken up by now. Seriously though, the whole shark issue -- King Triton should really handle that. They're out of control, why hasn't he done anything? "Accidentally sat on his trident so he's got other @ssholes to worry about now." Oh my!

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Devon, who's convinced octopuses have such bulbous heads because they served as space helmets when they came swimming across the cosmos to inhabit earth. I believe that.

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