$0.99 Subscription Service To Text The Latest Game Of Thrones Spoilers To Your Frenemies

June 22, 2016


Spoiled.io is a service that, for $0.99 per friend or enemy, allows you to enter a cell phone number and have them "anonymously and ruthlessly" texted the latest Game Of Thrones spoilers because you're a sick individual and want people to want to hurt you. I don't even bring up Game Of Thrones around my friends anymore because I've been threatened so many times. And I've never seen an episode. I just yell shit like, "The black dragon kills Aragorn!" just to piss them off.

For just $0.99 per friend, Spoiled.io promises to automatically and anonymously send a text that ruins the newest episodes of the hit HBO fantasy series.

The texts will last through the end of the current "Game of Thrones" season - that's June 26th, as there's only one more episode.

If you want to revel in the defeat of your friends, the Spoiled.io Twitter account will post their responses, hopefully with any and all incriminating information deleted.

That's pretty sick. I mean, you've got to have a lot of blackness in your heart to be pulling shit like this. I admire that evil. No word if signing a friend up for this service is legal grounds to have your attempted murder case thrown out of court, but I wouldn't be surprised, particularly if they pad the jury full of Game Of Thrones fans. From the shit I read on Facebook you're a rabid bunch.

Thanks to Nick C, who filled his entire email with spoilers which was all just gibberish to me because I can't read.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I'm only gonna watch GoT when people stop talking about it. That's what I did with Breaking Bad. It was great to just binge watch from beginning to end.

  • Wiley

    Luke is my father

  • Jenness

    You'd really have to hate someone to sign them up for this. There are politicians that need this done to them.

  • Enkidu98

    If you really hate the politician you set up a scripted bot that receives the spoiler and then posts it to twitter with a convincing look alike account to said politician,

    Sure, you could post them up yourself, but then you're sorta the asshole too because you are providing the spoiler. With the service you sorta have a small smudge of evil stain cleaned away.. you didn't spoil the show, Spoiled.io and a chatbot did.

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