You Know How I Feel About Fire: Glass Whoosh Bottle

May 2, 2016


This is a short video of a whoosh bottle. I think there's alcohol inside. I used to do this with lighter fluid and a 2-liter plastic Coke bottle but that was not nearly as cool. The sound this thing makes is incredible. Apparently it's dangerous though and the bottle can explode and kill you but obviously it's worth it.

Hit the jump for the video.

  • Clipper44

    Somebody needs to figure a way to sustain the flame mid-bottle and create a patio heater out of it.

  • Hessan

    This looks like a variation of the barking dog experiment. That uses carbon disulfide and nitrous oxide in a straight glass tube. Look it up on the Periodic Videos channel on Youtube.

  • Umm I just tried this and now my wife is driving me to the hospital ;(

  • GeneralDisorder

    You're not supposed to be inside the bottle, dumbass.

  • Another Silly Willy

    What an excellent vid. 13 seconds well spent. Didn't have to listen to some intro about how wonderful and interesting their channel is and why you should send them money so they can keep filming stuff at home. Just light it and let it rip then turn off the camera.

  • shashi

    All true but still, dont forget to like and subscribe, and visit their blog and purchase a gift from their shop and donate to their patreon and help fund their kickstarter to pay for an intern to organise the petition to allow people with windowsmoviemaker to call themselves content creators so they might vlog their complementary trip to the oscars where they were allowed to sit at the 'grown ups table' like the mummys and daddys do and feel like a real big boy

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