Wow: Go-Kart Racer Overtakes Other Driver FROM ABOVE

May 31, 2016


Because passing on the left or right is for children playing Mario Kart, this is a video of a go-kart racer launching over another driver. Then they just both keep cruising like it was no big deal. I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but some people are saying that if you drive into another kart's rear wheels it can launch you. Can anybody verify this? And, way more importantly, does anybody have two go-karts and want to try to recreate this? Obviously, I will be the flying driver, and you will be the one who gets their skull crushed into their abdomen.

Keep going for the video, then let's play office chair chicken because that's the closest we can come to go-karting at the office.

Thanks to Barnaby, who's convinced there was a Mario Kart lightning bolt involved in the incident.

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