Woman Drives Into Lake Because GPS Told Her To

May 17, 2016


In news that should be grounds for a revoked license, a 23-year old woman from Tobermory, Ontario drove her car off a boat launch and into a lake because her GPS told her to. Hey, my GPS tells me to do a lot of things that I don't do, which is why I was two and a half hours late for my last date. There was no second date. Or a first one, she was long gone by the time I got there and won't answer my texts.

It was raining [and foggy] and visibility was difficult, so when she approached a boat launch at Little Tub Harbor, she wasn't actually able to see it. When her GPS told her to keep going, she ended up driving straight into Lake Huron as a result.

The woman was able to roll down the window, grab her purse, and swim to shore before the car actually sunk, and according to police, she's in pretty good spirits, all things considered. The car has already been removed from the water, the woman suffered no injuries, and no charges have been pressed

If visibility is so bad you can't see that you're on a boat launch about to drive into a lake, maybe it's time to pull over with your hazards on and wait it out for a little. I've had to pull off the road before when it was raining so hard that my wipers couldn't keep up -- there's no shame in that. Driving into a lake? There is definitely shame in that. That said, I bet somewhere in Tobermory, Ontario right now there's a great deal on a car that will always smell like ass.

Thanks to my buddy Kramer, who would have gassed it and hydroplaned all the way across the lake and made it a shortcut.

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