What...The Hell Was That?: Underwater Band Members Perform In Their Own Giant Aquariums

May 13, 2016


This is a video of what is allegedly the world's first underwater band, despite the fact I explicitly remember Sebastian performing with one in The Little Mermaid decades ago. AquaSonic is a concert performed by musicians underwater in their own individual aquariums, each playing a specially designed instrument to make sound underwater. It reminds me of the soundtrack to a nightmare.

AquaSonic is the culmination of the artists' nine-year research efforts and countless experiments in close collaboration with a team of deep-sea divers, instrument makers and brilliant scientists - people driven by the same urge to break new grounds and challenge existing paradigms. As a result, the team has developed a number of highly specialized subaqueous instruments including an underwater organ or hydraulophone, a crystallophone, a rotachorda (a brass chordophone inspired by the old folk instrument hurdy gurdy), a setiphone, consisting of amplified note bars and a special technique for singing underwater. The result is a concert experience out of the ordinary; a deep dive into a compelling visual universe and a new world of sound.

Admittedly, I would go see this concert. But only if I can perform my escape from chains while being held upside down underwater routine during the performance. I think that's just what they need to bring this concert to the NEXT LEVEL. "Watching a man panic and drown on stage?" Exactly. Nobody will ever forget that.

Keep going for two videos, a short one and a long one.

Thanks to my buddy Dave, who told me he started a one-man underwater band when he was five and used to fart in the bathtub.

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