What's Going On Here?!: Algebra Book Cover Inception

May 24, 2016


This is a shot of the cover of College Prep Algebra, featuring a group of students holding copies of the same book that the exact photo of them is on. The space-time continuum: it's been torn open like a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. Can somebody make one of those perpetually zooming GIFs out of this picture? I think that's what it needs. Man, I was awful at Algebra in school. I just didn't GET IT. Of course I didn't get a lot of things in high school, except conveniently sick the day of a test or the few days after a girl I liked turned me down for a date and made fun of me to all her friends. If I knew how little I would use algebra in my adult life I would have skipped class way more often. Let me rephrase that: I would have skipped class way more often for a different reason. As it was I just thought I was screwing myself out of an education and skipped class to hang out with my friends by the windmill and drink mead. "Jesus, how old are you, GW?" I'm a 400-year old wizard, I thought you knew that. The only math I need to know is how to multiply fractions so I can brew double and triple batches of boner potions. I'm 400, boners are hard to come by. Plus potions are way safer than spells because I have never waved a wand at my penis and been pleased with the results. "You can say that again." Wow, Ursula, seriously?

Thanks to DieselNuts, who's always dreamed of being on the cover of a textbook. Me? I've always dreamed of being on the cover of one of those steamy romance novels with a sexy couple sitting on a horse. Just replace the horse's head with a picture of my face.

  • Nice capture and this can be a trial of the duvet of school preparation pure mathematics that includes a bunch of scholars holding copies of a similar book that the precise pic of them is on. If I knew however very little i might use pure mathematics in my adult life i might have skipped category far more usually. Because it was I simply thought i used to be screw myself out of associate education and skipped category to hold out with my friends by the windmill and drink mead.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.
  • El_MUERkO

    Why is there a 'Florida Edition'?

  • Guesticle

    so they can charge extra with special editions for each state

  • stuffsticks

    No-one going to mention the fact that the black guy's arm must be freakishly long to reach red shirt's shoulder... guessing the chick was shopped in too.

  • Guesticle
  • JJtoob

    You must mean the girl in yellow, who doesn't appear in the book's covers, so yeah, she must have been added in, and someone forgot about the black dude's hand.

  • WhiteEagle2

    Girl in yellow is there in the books. Its easiest to see her in the left most book.

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