Well Hello There: 80-Year Old Grandma Gets Radical Transformation With Contouring Makeup

May 9, 2016


These are several Instagram posts of 80-year old grandma Livia. Livia's grandaughter Tea Flego is a makeup artist and decided to use contouring techniques to make her grandma the most glam-faced octogenarian at the nursing home. And it looks like it worked too, I bet requests for those blue boner pills are through the roof at Shady Pines. Me? I like the green ones. "Those are muscle relaxers." Tawka la lsa lwpa apa pa pf saspp

Keep going for a couple more shots of this year's Miss Shady Pines.



Thanks to Allyson S, who offered to use contouring techniques to give me a makeover but just laughed and said there's no hope and left when she saw me IRL. Really boosted my confidence through the roof.

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