Stop Motion Of Video Games Recreated On Paper With Stock Images

May 5, 2016


This is a stop-motion animation of a handful of video games recreated entirely using printed or projected stock images. That goes on for about a minute and forty-five seconds, then it turns into a two minute ad for Pond5, who sell royalty-free images and videos. So it's best to just stop at the 1:45 mark. I mean, unless you're in the market for royalty-free images. Then it's still best to stop at the 1:45 mark because everybody knows Shutterstock has got the best royalty-free images. Now pay me. No? Fine, Shutterstock sucks too.

Hit the jump for the video, then meet me at the barcade and we'll play Donkey Kong for drinks.

  • aquarius7373

    Ads. They're evolving.

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