Trying To Escape From Human-Size Sticky Cockroach Trap

May 27, 2016


This is a promotional video made by Japanese firm Earth Chemical of a cockroach trap that's 929-times the size of the regular cockroach traps they sell, to show just how strong they are. They have a scientist, runner and sumo wrestler try to cross the trap without getting stuck. SPOILER: They all fail, although the runner almost makes it after abandoning his shoes. I also abandoned my shoes. And my socks. I am one of those people who walks everywhere barefoot now that your mom says disparaging things about under her breath. It's cool, I know she doesn't like me. Which is why we're going to have to date in secret. "Or just not date at all." Yeah, I like my idea way better. I'll throw pebbles at your window tonight, okay?

Keep going for the video, but skip to 1:00 for the action.

Thanks to hairless, who's convinced he's so smooth he could have rolled across that trap like a greased log.

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