The Video Game Development Career Flowchart

May 3, 2016


This is a flowchart created by the folks at Sharkbomb Game Design Services to use to see where you fit in for a career in video game development. You can buy a print of the thing HERE in case you're looking for that perfect flowchart to decorate your cubicle wall. My cubicle wall is all push-pins I made in the shape of a penis. I tried to use this chart to see where my video game development career will take me but I couldn't figure out where to start so it's probably best I stick to what I'm doing now which is not developing video games. I develop LOVE GAMES. Just kidding, I alienate every person who's ever loved me because I'm a monster. A MONSTER TRUCK. Vroom vroom hop in and let's crush some cars.

Thanks to carey, who's developing a video game development career flowchart to see if you should even use this flowchart.

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