That....Was Really Impressive: Empire Strikes Back Title Sequence In The Style Of A Bond Film

May 9, 2016


This is a most impressive video of The Empire Strikes Back title sequence reimagined in the style of a James Bond film. The video was created by Kurt Rauffer for his senior thesis at the School Of Visual Arts in New York. I'm going to guess he passed with flying colors like a rainbow.

Growing up in the 90s where Star Wars was released on VHS, the franchise really sparked my imagination as a child. It not only let me exercise my imagination but also supplied me with some of the happiest memories as I watched it with my family. After re-watching "The Empire Strikes Back," I decided to use this as a chance to create a homage in the form of a title sequence. This would also serve as my senior "thesis" at SVA and took me the whole semester to complete.

The style and tone of the animation was inspired by the James Bond title sequences. The music was a rejected song from the newest Bond film, Spectre, sung by Radiohead. I really wanted to play on the concept of Luke trying to find himself and true purpose, so the music and inspiration felt fitting.

The video really is worth a watch, particularly if you like Star Wars, James Bond films, Radiohead songs, or just wasting time watching videos at work. I'm a fan of all four, which is why they've actually disabled us from being able to watch videos at work, and I honestly have no clue whether I just got tricked into embedding a p0rno video or not.

Keep going for the video, and please let me know if it's not a Star Wars/James Bond mashup.

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