That Is Too Big: A Giant 2-Foot Long Stick Bug

May 6, 2016


This is the 62.4cm (24.5-inch) stick bug collected in the Guangxi Zhuang region of China by Insect Museum of West China researcher Zhao Li. That is a bigass bug. In my mind everything past its back legs is penis, making this insect more than half penis and four times the man I am. And that person's touching it!

"I was collecting insects on a 1,200-meter-tall mountain in Guangxi's Liuzhou City [when] a dark shadow appeared in the distance, which looked like a tree twig," Zhao told Xinhua. "As I went near, I was shocked to find the huge insect's legs were as long as its body."

The bug would later lay eggs in captivity and the smallest of the offspring was 26cm long.

Oh, so it's a lady stick bug. So I guess that isn't penis after all. Still, a man can dream. "Wait -- about a stick bug's penis? You're talking about dreaming about a stick bug's penis?" Hey listen pal, I don't tell you what to dream about.

Thanks to Rod, whose name may or may not have inspired the theme of this post.

  • Jenness

    These are the only bugs that I could handle walking around my house because they look like sticks and sticks aren't scary. And lady bugs. Everything else is a big nope. Doodlebugs I can handle - until they flip on their back and all those legs go nuts and then I drop them and scream.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Fuck ladybugs. You get one in more will follow it. I know people who got ladybug infestations in their house in the 90s and still have them to this day.

  • Xockszky

    If I found that giant stick bug walking around in my house, I would keep it as a pet lol... I'd feed it and let it live in my house.

  • Jan Bergström

    I come from a city with big mantis, palm big, and I find them quite elegant. I still don't mind when they fly and land on my shoulder. Dragonfly is also handle-able for me. Hate any bug with cockroach colour.

  • Jenness

    Dragonflies are totally ok too. Forgot to add them.

  • Jenness

    What is that?

  • Jenness

    Ahh ok cool! Learned something new :)

  • Love your website! I run one very similar.
    Let's get in touch and collaborate :)

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