Thanks, Internet: Cat Wearing A Hat Eating A Cake

May 11, 2016


These are a handful of pictures of a cat wearing a hat eating a little cake. Unfortunately, there isn't much more information about just what the hell is going on here. Is that a regular cake? Is it a special tuna flavored cat cake? How is that hat staying on? Is it the cat's birthday? I bet it's the cat's birthday. It's sad to think there are cats out there having nicer birthdays than I've ever had. You know what kind of cake I had for my last birthday? A $3.29 bran muffin. I bought it for myself from a coffee shop when I realized nobody was coming to my party at the skating rink. A bran muffin is worse than no cake at all, especially when you accidentally overdraft your bank account to pay for it. And I consider that was one of my better recent birthdays.

Keep going for several more shots of Miss Icing Face.




Thanks to Elizabeth, who agrees there's probably a market for specialty cat and dog birthday cakes if somebody isn't already on that.

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