Tesla Driver Asleep On Highway Using Autopilot

May 25, 2016


This is a short vertical video of a Tesla driver apparently asleep behind the wheel with the car's Autopilot feature engaged. Or maybe he's just driving with his eyes closed. I've done that before. RECENTLY. Now my car's in a creek and I need a tow. Let me borrow your AAA?

The Autopilot function requires the driver to be alert and ready to take control at any time, and will emit sounds and display alerts when the driver needs to take over. In the event that the driver can't be raised, the vehicle will activate its hazard lights and move towards the hard shoulder, where it will then stop. But in the video, the Tesla seems to be slowly trundling along with the driver fast asleep.

What's the word on police pulling you over for this? Because they will, right? I know I would. Just kidding, I would never pass the physical fitness test to become a cop. I am a couch tomato. "It's potato." What? "You're a couch potato." I'M A TOMATO. "You're a potato." Those are fighting words, pickle!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Barnaby, who informed me every car had an autopilot feature if you don't care where you're going and don't mind dying.

  • ispitzhotfire

    Beds? Where we're going we don't need beds.

  • Deksam

    I would have limo tint all the windows the 1st day, the 2nd day I would sleep my way down to the sleep country store and buy a few nice black pillows and a black blanket.

  • Clipper44


  • JJtoob

    Beep Boop Water to Wine Bop

  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

    My kid's college roommates took a Spring break trip in a Tesla. They slept. And... ended up in the wrong state due to a typo in their navigation input. Hehehe. I long for the day when I'll have a self-driving car; when I'm not using it, I'll have it on Uber, Lyft, whatever makes me money.

  • steve holt

    in a related story, i meant to marry a sweet, cute girl. Due to a typo in my emotional intelligence, i married the opposite.

  • TheQiwiMan

    I will one day own a Tesla.


  • GeneralDisorder

    If I were comparing the Tesla Model S to an equivally priced Cadillac or Lincoln, hands down, Tesla. Comparing to an equally priced BMW, Mercedes, used Bentley, used Lambo, Ferrari, McLaren, etc I might not go Tesla.

  • AC

    Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and McLaren are entirely different price brackets and not comparable. Mercedes is just a status car that really isn't that nice and along with the BMW has extremely expensive upkeep. Both also generally have lower gas mileages due to larger engines. Tesla has zero upkeep as it needs no oil changes, and no gas charge. An 80k Tesla costs 10-20% less than an 80k model of another car. Tesla > BMW / Mercedes

  • GeneralDisorder

    You missed the word used. A 2008 Bentley is about the same price as Model S.

  • Jeedai Infidel


  • steve holt

    the base price is 76K i see, so sleeping while driving is an attainable dream.

  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

    The Model 3 is $35K and you may qualify for a $9K subsidy, so possibly even more attainable if they come with the lane keeping option.

  • SiliconAddic

    First off the 3 isn't going to be out until 2017...if you are lucky. Secondly if you think this is going to be an option on a $35,000 base model you are dreaming.
    Really getting sick of the Tes heads out there pimping products that are currently vaporware, and don't have the full details released on what is going to be available on the product. You guys are worse then Apple users. The only product that is out and viable IS the $76K car. Period. End of Story.

  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

    My guess is it will be an option. The question is how much they will charge for it.

  • steve holt

    btw, I fell for it. If a few hundred grand is all it takes to sleep behind the wheel, I'll finance it.

  • steve holt

    or just a really great viral video for Tesla. Production budget: $88. Actor fakes sleep behind the wheel: 2 hours @$20/hr, Brenda from marketing to record, 2 hours @$20/hr, $8 for lunch. Passed along unwittingly and putting Tesla on everybody's lips for an hour: priceless.

  • Brandon

    Did they share the $8.00 lunch or did one opt out and starve?

  • bobjr94

    5 for $4 at wendys. 8$ is 2 lunches

  • Professor Spookypop

    Poor guy was actually dead and the Tesla just kept driving.

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