Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's Pad Recreated In New York City Apartment, Rentable On Airbnb

May 23, 2016


These are a bunch of shots of the 3-bedroom Manhattan apartment that Paramount turned into the Ninja Turtles' lair to promote the upcoming Ninja Turtles movie. You can even rent the place on AirBnB with complementary pizza delivery. Is this what the Ninja Turtles' pad looks like in the most recent movie? Because I thought they lived in the sewers. Now if Paramount had gone the extra mile and actually made a place in the sewers, that would have been cool. And dangerous. But the life of a ninja turtle is dangerous, so it's appropriate. Splinter taught me that. Also how to chew through walls looking for cheese.

This high-tech dojo is fully loaded...a glow in the dark basketball court, a retro arcade, more video games with a pretty sweet tv wall...anything for hanging ninja-style.

We say no to drugs and alcohol, so none of that in the Lair. But we do say yes to pizza! Just clean up your pizza crusts and don't break any of Donnie's equipment. That really gets his Bo staff in a twist.

You can have a couple friends drop by to check out the Lair, but Splinter says the upstairs bedrooms are off limits. Don't even think about inviting more overnight guests! We have neighbors too so keep it chill...try not to bring the ruckus!

So no drugs or alcohol and "try not to bring the ruckus." I thought ninja turtles were all about bringing the ruckus, especially Michelangelo. These sound like some lame ass Donatello rules to me. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to rent the place under an alias as Retsam Redderhs then trash it. So -- are you with me or against me? I really hope you're with me though because I just told you my plan and don't need you ruining this for me like you did my last birthday. "How did I ruin your last birthday?" You didn't plan anything!

Keep going for a bunch more shots including the sadly decorated bedrooms.












Thanks to Donald B, who expressed an interest in renting the place and holding a ninja competition. See? Now you're talking.

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