Summertime Is The Right Time: Inflatable Bar Pool Float

May 16, 2016


This is the inflatable bar pool float set made by Pool Central and available on Amazon. It costs $70 and comes with the bar and four chairs that can support up to 175-lbs (I would sink). Based on the picture, it looks like the perfect bar for serving up Cokes. Whee! There's also a different floating bar available for $40 (picture after the jump) that looks like a four armed starfish. That one comes with seats that can support up to 200-lbs (I would still sink), and is clearly the better bargain. Plus that one comes with way more cup holders. Do any of you have a pool? Can I come over this summer? I'm committed to being tan from now on. They say being tan makes you look thinner and the gym is out of the question since I broke my foot. "You didn't break your foot." Okay, well then everyone always gives me dirty looks when I'm working out and make me feel uncomfortable. "Wear underwear." Sure but the gym doesn't have all the equipment I like. "They have everything." Yeah but the gym membership fees are outrageous. "It's less than a dollar a day." WHICH I'M ALREADY USING TO FEED A CHILD IN AFRICA.

Keep going for a shot of the other model available, as well as a $150 inflatable pool tiki bar that comes with no seating and is made for the shallow end.



Thanks again to Rebecca, who invited me to her Memorial Day pool party which I had to decline because I simply won't be bikini ready by that time and I'm really self conscious I wore a hoodie and jeans into the ocean.

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