Squad Goals: Group Of Teens Color-Coordinated Their Superhero Prom Outfits

May 5, 2016


This is a group of teens from the Subiaco Academy in Arkansas who color-coordinated their superhero prom outfits with their dates. You think they fought over who got to be Batman? Because I would have. I am not going to prom as Green Lantern. I would go to prom WITH Green Lantern, but only if he buys me the most expensive corsage at the florist. I want everyone to know my date isn't cheap. Man, when I went to prom in high school I bought my girlfriend the biggest corsage there was and it like, went all the way up her arm to her elbow. I was so stupid back then. "Still are." You're my best friend, you know that? Come get a hug from my ninja sword.

Keep going for one more shot where they've added three more couples who obviously aren't part of the main squad.


Thanks to Allyson S, who knows I actually went to prom stag because the three girls I asked all turned me down. I wasted so much money on roses.

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