Sounds Like A Movie: 20,000 Bees Follow Woman's Car For Two Days After Queen Gets Trapped In The Trunk

May 26, 2016


65-year old grandmother Carol Howarth of Wales was shocked to find a massive swarm of bees following her car. And I would be too. Allegedly the bee's queen had gotten trapped in Carol's trunk and the bees were swarming to come rescue her. Sounds like a Disney movie to me. I want to be the voice actor for the clumsy bee who's always flying into things. Beekeepers were called to remove the bees while Carol was shopping nearby, which they did. Afterwards, Carol drove the car home but when she came outside the next morning was shocked to see the bees had followed her home and were swarming the car again. Beekeepers were called a second time and were able to successfully remove all the bees after opening the trunk and either the queen getting loose, or the bees finding her dead and losing all hope. Man, I've lost all hope before. Not a good feeling. PROTIP: Bee stings aren't the all-natural penis enlargement solution you might think they are.

Keep going for a nine second video of the swarm swarming.

Thanks to Jeremy, who prays every night before bed that a swarm of bikini models will start following his car. You should get a whistle tip WOO WOO!

  • Clipper44

    Is there no car washes around? That queen's a ho and those guys need to get over it already.

  • The Divine Ms. A

    God save the queen! [Sorry, not sorry]

  • GeneralDisorder

    I would have upvoted this comment but your sorry, not sorry shit ruined the fuck out of it.

  • LuckyPineapple

    I love that the video blurred out the license plate, but the photo doesn't.

  • Smorgasbord

    Thumbs up, very cool

  • Gingerbread

    It's a shame, that car still looked fine. Set it on fire now...

  • rob in katy

    And then salt the earth where it stood.

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