Together Wear, Hoodies With Pockets Made For Hugging

May 6, 2016


Together Wear are ~$70 hoodies made for hugging (currently an already-funded Kickstarter campaign). Each hoodie has two hand holes in the back for your lover to put their hands in so they can hug you while staying warm. I'm not sure if the holes in the back lead to one big pocket or two little pockets but I THINK it's just one big pocket but I didn't read too much about it because there's only so much you can read about a hoodie with a pocket in the back and this article itself is probably already too much so I'm just going to end our suffering now.

Keep going for a video that includes a bikini babe in a thong which you will probably watch now even though three seconds ago you wouldn't have. Also, I just invented hoodies made for kissing that have hoods that you can zip together for privacy.

Thanks to n0nentity, who I've known for 16 years. That is way too long bro, we should part ways.

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