Pump To The Video: P0rnHub Releases Exercise Program

May 20, 2016


P0rnHub has just announced BangFit (follow through to Mashable for a link to the actual site), an exercise program that encourages you to bang to an adult video with a smartphone strapped to your waist to monitor your movement. The program is currently available for one, two and three players (two girls and a guy) and players score points for coordinating their movement with a rythym game at the top of the screen. It's currently only in the beta stage, but they promise that a full version catering to all sexual preferences and orientations will be available soon. Let's make exercise great again! For the sake of journalistic integrity I fired up the one player version just to see what it was like and it played a p0rn video called Gym Balls with a line of scrolling cartoon heads at the top that you're supposed to sync your movement to when they pass underneath the middle arrow. Obviously, since I'm at work I just shook my phone in rythym but will probably still get fired because I had headphones in and didn't realize my computer's speakers were up so loud. Or maybe I'll get a raise, who knows. *email ding* Oh, no, definitely getting fired. Anybody hiring people who don't have the sense to not watch p0rn videos at work?

Keep going for an NSFW cartoon explaining the program.

Thanks to Pro, hairless, Allyson S, I'mGoingToGoBlind and Jeff, who can't wait till they start releasing peripheral devices to use in-game. Heck yeah, dildo controllers.

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