Pianist Turns Popular Ringtones Into Beautiful Melody

May 20, 2016


This is a video of pianist Tony Anne performing some of the most memorable mobile phone ringtones in a soothing piano arrangement. I recognized a lot of those and it just goes to show you how beautiful everything sounds on a piano. Except sex. Apparently sex on a piano will get the cops called because I hate all my neighbors so much. I don't call the cops on them when they're doing their weird shit and their weird shit isn't even creating art like Beethoven's Sixth Sexphony. "Exactly what kind of weird shit do they do?" I don't know, just like being old and smelling and looking like witches. I told you two of them really are witches, right? I saw one put a spell on an old man when he had his back turned checking his mail, and he died less than a week later. Plus I think she killed all my houseplants when I went on vacation. That or it was a water issue. I've seen her levitate down a hallway before when she thought nobody was looking.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to RR, who wants to hear all the same ringtones performed on a slide-whistle.

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