Oh Wow: Snake Being Eaten By Toad Tries To Fight Cat

May 10, 2016


Because Mother Nature is off her rocker and the batteries in her Life Alert died so she can't get the help she needs, this is a video of a snake that's being eaten by a toad trying to fight a cat. That is not something you see everyday. A double rainbow either, but I bet you've seen more of those than snakes in toads' mouths trying to fight cats. Raise your hand if you feel sorry for the snake. Now keep your hand raised if you can speak parseltongue. You're a wizard, Harry. Just kidding, you're just a really hardcore Harry Potter fanatic. I bet you bought a wand replica from Harry Potter World at Universal Studios, didn't you? Whose did you choose? I have Sirius Black's. *waving wand* Expecto patronum! "So your Patronus is a penis with arms and legs riding a bicycle." Did you expect anything less?

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to DieselNuts, who's pretty sure this is a live version of one of those 'Never Give Up' inspirational posters.

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