Oh Wow: Skydivers Playing Quidditch In Real Life

May 9, 2016


This is an ad for Colombian telecommunications company ETB starring a bunch of skydivers playing a game of quidditch in real life. I mean, of course it was all staged, but they are on broomsticks and they do hit each other and there is a quaffle. You know, I can't hear quaffle without thinking waffle, probably because they rhyme and I heart breakfast food. I'm going to open a bootleg Harry Potter themed breakfast restaurant and sell quaffle waffles. They're going to be spherical, quaffle shaped waffles with entirely raw batter on the inside and everybody is going to get sick, especially because I was already using expired eggs to begin with. I will be the first restaurant in history with a G health rating, and that will actually be a point of pride for me.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Mary, DieselNuts and hairless, all of whom are real wizards or witches. Awesome, now one of you enchant this frozen breakfast biscuit to heat itself, the microwave in the break room broke.

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