Now That's My Kinda Guy: Man Wakes From 48-Day Coma, Immediately Demands Taco Bell

May 13, 2016


35-year old Army veteran Jake Booth got pneumonia in February, had a heart attack, was dead for 15 minutes, brought back to life and immediately fell into a coma. Then, 48 days later, James woke up, and immediately demanded Taco Bell. That is like a food coma in reverse. What an American hero.

"He actually said, out loud, 'I want Taco Bell,'" Booth's brother told USA Today's "This Week in Taco Bell" (which, yes, is a recurring feature dedicated solely to news about the chain). "That was the very first thing he said."

Unfortunately for Jake, he wasn't allowed to eat solid foods for another three weeks. But finally last week doctors cleared Jake for solid food and he pounded eight and a half crunchy tacos from Taco Bell. What a glorious feeling that must have been. Plus he was already in the hospital which is the safest place to be if Taco Bell tears your butthole off -- doctors can just sew it right back on. There's a GoFundMe Page for Jake's continued recovery HERE. Get better soon you taco loving animal you.

Thanks to my pal/mortal enemy Terry, who tried to tell me he loves Taco Bell even more than Jake and I told him first I'd have to put him in a coma to prove it.

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