Nice Throw: Guy With Spear Knocks Down Drone At Medieval Russian Battle Reenactment

May 13, 2016


Because there's nothing that takes you more out of a historical moment than a drone flying overhead, this is a video of a man from a medieval Russian battle reenactment knocking a drone out of the sky with his spear. Nice aim. I figured the spear was just a prop but clearly he knows how to use it. I probably would have speared one of the fair maidens standing around by accident. And then what? "Tell everyone she's playing dead from the battle reenactment and casually make your way back to your car." You're hired. I've got a situation.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to GT, who just wants to know if there are giant turkey legs at medieval Russian battle reenactments like there are at the Renaissance Faire.

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