Neato: Mirror Marble Cakes With Shiny Reflective Glaze

May 13, 2016


These are a handful of the mirror marble cakes baked by Russian confectioner Olga. She uses a secret recipe to produce a glaze with an almost mirror-like reflective finish. I LOVE SECRET RECIPES SO MUCH. Actually, I love all kinds of secrets. Tell me one! This is not her recipe but allegedly this is another that will produce something similar:

Ingredients: 20 g Gelatin Powder, 120 g Water, 300 g Glucose, 300 g Sugar, 150 g Water, 200 g Sweetened Cond Milk, 300 g Chocolate (White, Milk, Dark or a combination), Food Coloring


1) Bloom the gelatin in the water;
2) Boil the glucose, sugar & water;
3) Remove from heat and add the gelatin;
4) Add the cond milk;
5) Pour over chocolate and buerre mix to remove air bubbles;
Use at 35C/95F.

Beautiful cakes, right? They almost look too beautiful to eat. "Then you don't get a piece." I said ALMOST. Now, I just tried making my own mirror cake, tell me what you think. "I think you just sprinkled shards of broken mirror on top of a regular cake." You think correct. They make your mouth taste like pain and blood!

Keep going for several more, including one that looks like a big blue boner pill.











Thanks to Allyson S, who wants to bake a cake that you can see through like glass. Cooool, I bet it's low-cal.

  • Sarah Saldivar

    What's making it metallic?

  • Hello

    Can someone please tell me what the buerre is at the end of the instructions and how much to put because it is not included in the ingredients list

  • The recipe is simple the mix is what you already made and to get red of air bubble you just got to stir it slowly and you also going to sift the mix unto another bowl so that it can catch air bubbles. So bloom the geleton in water until it's kinda in the solid form and bring the water and sugar to a summer until all of the sugar is dissolved then your going to add the gelatin and wait for it to dissolve as well then your going to put it in a bowl over the white chocolate stir it slowly and with a hand blender your going to blend the rest to make sure there are no chunk and then you can add your food coloring then wait till it's 39 degrees and bam add it over your cake and let simply let it dry. If you want multiple colors simply add the one color on top of the cake then add different colors on top and then on top of those colors add the original color you covered the cake with until you get a design that you like:) Hope this helps.

  • Hello

    What is buerre? Because there is none in the ingredient list, I would also like to know how much of it to put

  • Zachary Zarko

    Gelatin is made from horse's hooves.

    Just sayin'.

  • Melissa Jasper

    I wish they'd show more cross-sections not just that egg cake.

  • bt

    mmmmmm space cake... ahhgghllglhg

  • Xockszky

    That brown ribbed one with the green in the middle is cool, I want it on my coffee table as a decoration hahaha... it does look like glass. It would be a shame to cut into one of these actually, they're so perfect looking.

  • MustacheHam

    These are all really beautiful...but there is just one thing...
    I....I..I just want to poke them. X3

  • GeneralDisorder

    You poke it you bought it.

  • Linda117

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  • Andrew Newton

    "GOD DAMN YOU LOOK DELICIOUS!" I proclaim as I look at my reflection in the cake.

  • Meh

    For some reason that first one, the purple one looks absolutely attractively delicious to me.. it kind of reminds me of something in my youth but i can't put my finger on what exactly.

  • Bling Nye

    $10 and Freud both say it was your mother's vagina.

  • Elan114

    The real question is how does it taste? I'm sick of these artistic cakes that are completely inedible.

  • Dan

    Nah, this looks about as far from craft store tub fondant as it gets. Look at those ingredients--chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, simple syrup--the gelatin wouldn't negatively impact those flavors. It just gives it that gorgeous sheen.

  • comedy of terrors

    Probably not great, but it looks like the glaze is a very thin layer and likely doesn't affect the overall flavor much.

  • Roronoa Zoro

    Someone shows you how it's done. If you can make the cakes then the mirror glaze is childs play. Me? I burn salads. So no way I'm trying this!

  • dougfunnay

    mmmmm chard salad

  • The first step is to BLOOM something? Well... fuck I guess I'm out.

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