Nailed It: Man Demonstrates How To Properly Navigate A Traffic Roudabout

May 23, 2016


Hey guys -- sorry about the late start, we had some server trouble. It should be all good now we just have to remember to keep a fire extinguisher on hand for next time.

This is a video of a man in Romania demonstrating the proper technique for successfully navigating a traffic roundabout. He catches some beautiful air AND sticks the landing. Gymnasts dream about landings that solid. Police believe the 22-year old driver may have been asleep at the wheel, although I suspect he was very much awake and just decided now was his chance to take off and fly. And fly he did, right into my heart. Marry me?

Keep going for the worthwhile video.

Thanks to Jeremy, who would gone with a barrel roll but that's just him and he's got flair.

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