Moose In Alaska Playing Wind Chimes With Its Head

May 19, 2016


This is a video from Healy, Alaska of a moose playing a home's wind chimes with its head. I can't tell if it's trying to scratch its face or just likes the sound, but that moose is really going at it. Are wind chimes considered an instrument? Let me Google that. *Googles* Yes, they are. This moose is a way better musician than anybody at the last open mic I went to. You were allowed to play music or do stand-up and I just stood up there sweating and stuttering and spilling my drink. You know I've played an instrument with my face before. It was a piano, and my front eight teeth are all fake now. "They look like painted cardboard." Yeah well real fake teeth are expensive.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Rebecca, who agrees way more musical instruments should be played with the head.

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