Mom Turns Son's Scar Into Harry Potter Lightning Bolt

May 16, 2016


These are a couple shots of Imgurian mommybrittaney's son after he hit his head on a bed frame while jumping in a pile of dirty clothes. Man, jumping in piles of dirty clothes -- those were the days. The boy was too embarrassed to leave the house after getting the scar on his head so mommybrittaney turned it into a Harry Potter lightning bolt. The round glasses he already had because he also likes to dress up as his favorite Ghostbuster, Spengler. Beautiful, just beautiful. You know I still have a scar on my head from falling and hitting the fireplace mantle when I was a kid but it's like right above my eyebrows, so it's no good for a Harry Potter scar. It's not really good for much of anything but people asking, "How'd you get that scar?" You know what I tell them? "You fell when you were a kid?" Exactly. Honesty is always the best policy. Just kidding, I tell them I took a ninja star to the face protecting a geisha's honor.

Keep going for before and during shots.




Thanks to Ed, who said this made him want to have kids. Really? It made me want to have more cool scars.

  • GeneralDisorder

    All my kid ever got from a forehead scar was threatened to be taken away by Child Services.

  • TheQiwiMan

    "because he was too embarrassed to leave the house"- yeah right lady, speaking as a father, we don't need these flimsy excuses when we wanna draw on our children.

  • Roark

    One squiggly line short of being Charles Manson

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