Lollipops That Look Like The Planets In Our Solar System

May 11, 2016


These are the Planetary Lollipops available from ThinkGeek (previously: these ones made by an Etsy seller who clearly got their idea stolen unless they had already stolen it from somebody else). $30 gets a set of 10 lollipops including all the planets plus the sun and Pluto which is annoying I have to mention instead of just being lumped in with the planets. Each one has a different flavor. Uranus is blackberry flavored, which I approve of and hope they did on purpose. I mean, there's no way they didn't do that on purpose, right? They only way it could be any clearer is if they made it anise flavored.

Keep going for a couple more shots including one of Kevin James about to bite earth in half.




Thanks to Roger Wilco, who, wait -- from Space Quest?! I love your games!

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