Light-Up Drones Perform Dance In Front Of Mount Fuji

May 4, 2016


This is a video of 20 light-up drones performing an aerial ballet in front of Mount Fuji in Japan. It was pretty trippy to watch and I don't recommend letting your eyes blur and just kind of staring at it because I'm pretty sure I just did irreparable damage to myself and now my hands won't stop shaking and I can't get my eyes to focus. Did I just have a stroke? Can you drive me to the hospital? Can we stop by a convenience store first thought I want a hot dog off the metal rollers. Preferably one that's been there since yesterday and has a little crisp to it. Usually they'll sell me those at a discount. I'll buy you one of whatever candy you want but only regular size not king size.

Keep going for the video while I lay under my desk for a little while.

Thanks to Christopher C, who once Riverdanced in front of Mount Doom before being chased off by orcs.

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