KFC Hong Kong's Chicken Flavored Edible Nail Polish

May 5, 2016


Because the world stopped making sense after 8th grade, KFC in Hong Kong is selling chicken flavored edible nail polish. Chicken fingers! The polish comes in two flavors/colors: Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy. This is going to take your dog's finger licking game to a whole nother level.

The polish is applied like normal polish and is said to be work just like that bitter nail polish designed to keep people from biting their nails.

As is evident from these blood stumps, I didn't know there was bitter nail polish to prevent people from biting their nails. I try to bite them as short as possible. And I think if I try hard and believe in myself, eventually I can get them all the way down to the cuticle.

Keep going for a picture of a lady licking her chicken finger and a video that it's hard to believe exists.


Thanks to Jeff, who thought all nail polish was edible BECAUSE IT IS. And nail polish remover is great too.

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