iPhone App That Lets You See Your Friends' Battery Life

May 9, 2016


Dammit Summer, get your shit together.

Battery Share is an iOS app that allows users to see their friends' remaining battery life. That way you know if Summer's battery is really dead, or if she's just being a bitch and ignoring you. This will all end in angry text fights, I can already feel it. IT SAID YOU WERE AT 88%!!

Battery Share warns you when your friend's device has a low battery. The app also allows you to see the battery power level is of your friends device, plus, the app will display if their device is charging, or is in low-power mode. Notifications are customizable, you can select exactly who you'll receive the notifications from. The app also includes Voice over IP calling capabilities, so you can also stay in touch with friends via the app.

Honestly, I don't have any friends close enough to deserve to know my phone's remaining battery life. That is some BFF style sharing right there. Most of my friends I don't even like knowing my number, because then they add me to their stupid group-messages. You know how many group-messages I'm in? "Zero?" You're damn right, I don't play those games. I prefer my communications the same way I prefer my sexual encounters. "One-on-one?" LOUD AND OUT OF CONTROL.

Thanks to Bri, who agrees a person's remaining battery life should be between them and their lord.

  • Hareesh Reddy

    I don't have that level of insecurity for which I will need to spy on my friend to confirm whether they are ignoring or really has their battery exhausted. Apple has lot of useless apps, Battery Share is proudly one of them :)


  • Jai Mico

    Stocking at another level !

  • Bling Nye

    What do socks have to do with it? Do you know a secret??

  • Greg J. E. Dickens

    I'm just happy that Ross and Kal-El are feminist enough to take their wives' surnames....

  • Rufio_the_Lostboy

    Oh shit! They are all shitty couples names. Kate Sawyer is LOST and Elizabeth Sparrow is Pirates of the Carribean. Summer Cohen is OC. Fuck me for knowing that shit and fuck you for making me notice. haha

  • Pack all your shit into a backpack, and get it together Summer. Get it allllll together.

  • FamousCelebrity

    I think you're missing the point. Battery Share gives you a final opportunity to contact your friends or loved ones before their phone dies. By getting notifications when your friend's battery is low, you can make last contact before their phone runs out of power. I think that's a good insurance policy, especially if you have kids with phones.

  • Bling Nye

    Better yet, knowing their battery is low, you can bombard them and make it die even quicker! TAKE THAT, friiiend!

  • Jenness

    F*(&& this app!

    It's shit like this that makes Zombie and Post Apoc movies so awesome - because we are all sick of this shit.

    Everyone stares at these tiny screens where fake people are perceived to be more loved, happy, fulfilled than real people - so everyone wants to be as fake as possible now and it sucks. NO you idiots - none of this shit is an indicator of real connections, joy or abundance - none of it!

    It's one thing to appreciate GW, read the news (if you can find actual competent journalists and not hack bloggers w/political agendas writing it), communicate in an instant - but this other shit blows. Social media, match.com, Nigerian scammers, trolls, porn which has evolved into something that can only arouse violent rapists, serial killers, and people who are into excrement (I'm looking at you Japan and Germany!) - there is not a use for any of that that can't be better in "real life".

    Despite my delusions of survival grandeur - I'd probably die quickly because I like refrigerated food, clean water and not having to grow/kill my own food - but - Is it just me or does anyone else get a twinge of excitement when they read click bait like "NASA predicts Solar Flare will wipe out all comms in December" ????

  • Geekologie

    lol @ 'appreciate GW'

  • Bling Nye

    Back! Back! Get back into your hole!

    Ugh, filthy creature.

  • √Čtienne Pelletier

    dam right

  • Okay but why.

  • Rufio_the_Lostboy

    Right! I could see potential uses on business phones maybe but on a personal phone??

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