Insanely Way Too Long TSA Line At Chicago Airport

May 13, 2016


Note: Guy reveals his face and drops a couple f-bombs at the very end, do whatever you want with that information.

This is a video of a guy filming how long the TSA wait line is at Chicago Midway International Airport. It is very, VERY long. My favorite quote: "You like that? You like how long that shit is? Oh no. We're just getting started. Yep, we're just getting started now." So hardcore. He is hands down the most badass person to ever film how long a TSA line is. It is really long though. However I did see several great opportunities to cut in line, particularly between the two doors at 0:40. That almost gets you to the front of the line. Also, I'm pretty sure the people at the back of the line could get wherever they're flying to faster if they just started walking now.

Hit the jump for the video, one point each for spotting the muscle-bound guy who's also filming the line, a businessman whose tie matches his shirt, the guy with the skateboard, the guy with the baby duct-taped to his chest (it's not really duct-taped though it just looks like it), a woman complaining that "Now we're on somebody's video?", and a guy with his phone's brightness on way too high.

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