In-Ear Aid Translates Foreign Languages In Real-Time

May 18, 2016


This is a video demonstration of The Pilot translation system developed by Waverly Labs. The in-ear devices will cost $129 when they're available this September and can translate a smartphone-selected foreign language in real-time into your native language with the voice of a robot lady. The languages currently supported are English, French, Spanish and Italian, so you're shit out of luck if you fall in love with a Korean girl. I'm going to learn so many dirty words! Just kidding, I already know all the dirty words in over 400 languages, some of which aren't even spoken in the Milky Way Galaxy. ◉ ✹ ✗ ✍ ✌ ⌖ ✇ ✂ ! Hoho, you know what I just called you? "I'm pretty sure those are just wingdings."'s cool to pretend I know things though.

Keep going for a closeup and demonstration video.


Thanks to Allyson S, who agrees that body language is the most important language. You got that right! *thrusting and gyrating to a group of foreign tourists*

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