Impressive Pokemon Inspired Gundam Battle Suits

May 27, 2016


These are the custom Pokemon inspired Gundam battle suits built by Imgurian Khrisamisu from existing Gundam suits. Pretty impressive work, right? I could not do something like this. I am not very talented or coordinated when it comes to my hands. "Did you just punch yourself?" I was reaching for my coffee.

To create the kitbashed Pokémondam figures, the builder took three iconic Pokémon characters and then created Gundam mobile suits using parts from different Gundam model kits.

Charizard started out as the Gundam Danazine mobile suit with some bits from the AEU Enact mech kit, and some custom paint. The finished product is called the PM-006 Charlie. The next is Squirtle made using parts from the Gusion mobile suit with an extra canon added. It's know known as the PM-009 Sheldon. The last is the Venusaur known as the PM-003 Petunia.

People are so creative, always thinking outside the box. Me? I like to think inside the box where it's safe and I know what to expect. I thought outside the box one time and it ended in disaster. "You ran the shower on hot then set your bathroom trashcan on fire trying to make a personal sauna." much smoke.

Keep going for a closeup of each.






Thanks to Marc, who tried to tell me he had a functional Gundam battle suit but when I showed up to see it he was just behind the wheel of a bulldozer.

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