I'm The Father Of Dragons!: Hatching Dragon Candles

May 31, 2016


This is the Game Of Thrones inspired Hatching Dragon Candle available from Firebox (~$44). The candle egg melts to reveal a porcelain dragon inside, which you can keep (or smash to bits in a fit of rage) after the candle is entirely melted. The dragons are packed at random and you can either get a red, green or black dragon. Man, I wish dragons were real and I had one to fly around roasting my enemies. They aren't real though, they only exist in books and shows like Game Of Thrones and make you wish you lived in those books and shows until you realize how much you love your smartphone and internet and air conditioning and decide maybe living in reality isn't so bad after all. Still, a bitchin' dragon mount would be the tits.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to Dan, who clearly works for Firebox but didn't offer to send me any freebies because my job has zero perks.

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