I'd Eat It: Impressive LEGO Pizza Slice (Plus Banana)

May 6, 2016


This is the realistic LEGO pizza slice crafted by Japanese LEGO artist Tary. You almost want to take a bite, don't you? Be honest. Tell me your secrets. What are the little white dots supposed to be, the little pieces of fat in pepperoni? Raise you hand if you want pizza for lunch or dinner now. Everybody. Pick a number between 1 and 10. Your number is 4. I'm that good. "My number was seven." YOUR NUMBER WAS FOUR, LIAR. What are the green strings? Is that hair?! One time at a Krystal fast food restaurant I got a chili-cheese pup (a little chili-cheese hotdog) and when I lifted it out of it's container there was this giant black hair underneath. I'm not saying it was as thick as a milkshake straw, but it was at least a toothpick. And you know what? I ate that hotdog and went and ordered another one without saying anything and the experience has not affected me going back to Krystal in any way because hair happens and I love Krystal that much. If you asked me what my favorite food was right now I would say Krystal. "What's your favorite food?" Ice cream!

Keep going for a closeup and the banana.



Thanks to ShoveItGW, who is clearly a lovely person.

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