I Just Need Four More Friends: Giant 5 Person Hammock

May 3, 2016


This is the $500 Bunyanesque Hammock available from (where else?) Hammacher Schlemmer. It measures 8-feet by 15-feet and can support a whole bunch of kids or up to five 200-pound adults. Apparently it was named after Paul Bunyan because he was a big dude. I'm also a big dude but they didn't name the hammock after me because I didn't put my name in the hat. I did put my name in the Goblet Of Fire but Dumbledore disqualified me because he said I'm too stupid to wizard. I tugged on his beard and it's real though.

Thanks to Allyson S, who won the Triwizard tournament her senior year and has the eternal glory to prove it.

  • ispitzhotfire

    It's hard enough to find two trees for a regular hammock, now you need 4?

  • But would it survive some 'vigorous use'?

  • Meh

    Whats up with those ridiculous prices for hipster products.

  • tim

    Aww...look at those kids try their best to not awkwardly roll into mom and dad.

  • GeneralDisorder

    If anyone ever asked "how can I be fairly sure that my family and I will be crushed by 4 trees at once" this is your answer.

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