I Am Impressed: 15-Year Old Uses Ancient Star Maps To Pinpoint Lost Mayan City

May 10, 2016


15-year old Canadian student William Gadoury has discovered a lost Mayan city after realizing that the brightest stars in constellations on ancient Mayan star maps correspond to the locations of known Mayan cities. Apparently not even adult scientists had discovered this correlation before and William makes 15-year old me look like a completely worthless shit.

After studying 22 different constellations, Gadoury noticed that they neatly corresponded to the locations of 117 Mayan cities located in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. When looking at a 23rd constellation, he was able to match two stars to known cities--but a third star remained unmatched. Using transparent overlays, Gadoury pinpointed a location deep in the thick jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

"I did not understand why the Maya built their cities away from rivers, on marginal lands, and in the mountains," explained Gadoury in Le Journal de Montreal. "They must have had another reason, and as they worshiped the stars, the idea came to me to verify my hypothesis. I was really surprised and excited when I realized that the most brilliant stars of the constellations matched the largest Maya cities."

Smart boy. I see a bright future for William. Bright like a star. Because this article was kind of about stars. See how I tied everything together? Neat like the bow on a present. "That looks like a knot of electrical cords." I can't do anything right. I also didn't discover anything at age 15 except if you're taking a hot shower and point the shower head at your privates and turn the water cold real fast it'll give you a boner.

Thanks to Lizzy, nicolas and Sab, who just want to discover something before everything is already discovered.

  • stuffsticks

    Actually all this kid found was a disused corn field. What a rollercoaster that was...

  • RektumDestroyer77

    This is false. Check the updates on the linked gizmodo article. You've been duped.

  • Étienne Pelletier

    okay there is some skeptics but it doesn't mean its false

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  • Warren Zwick

    Im keen Darlene - tell me more

  • Frédéric Purenne

    I like the name he gave the city. Quick, somebody call Indiana Jo- ... Okay no. After the quality of last movie I'd rather not.

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