Hammocraft: A Floating Paddleboard Hammock Island

May 9, 2016


Meet the Hammocraft, the lovechild of a hammock that blew into a lake and banged a paddleboard whose owner was presumably eaten by an alligator or catfish. The $1,000 Hammocraft consists of a metal frame designed to mount to two paddleboards, and can support up to five hammocks. It doesn't come with the hammocks or paddleboards though, you have to provide those yourself. You can also not attach it to paddleboards and just use the frame to support five hammocks while you're camping. And, based on the picture below, you can also add wheels and use two hammocks as sails to sail down the road and die the way Darwin intended. I will not be doing that. I will do the paddleboard version though. My friends and I are going to have the best day on the river yet! At least until the rapids and waterfall.

Keep going for shots of the land and street versions.



Thanks to Douglass, who's fished from a hammock before and said it's a glorious feeling, which I believe. Especially if you're wearing one of those beer helmets.

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