Girl's Corn-On-Power-Drill Challenge Goes Horribly Wrong (Plus Bonus Corn-On-Power-Drill In Ultra Slow-Motion)

May 17, 2016


Mmmmm, haircorn.

This is a video of a girl taking the corn-on-power-drill challenge and attempting to eat a corn cob as quickly as possible. She does not do a very good job. Although, honestly, I blame whoever is holding the drill. What's up with all the starting-and-stopping? Unfortunately for this girl, her corn eating challenge ends with her hair getting caught in the drill and ripping a chunk right out of her scalp. I haven't read the rule book, but I'm pretty sure that disqualifies you from the challenge. She's totally fine by the way, she's just gonna have to style her hair way differently for a couple years.

Keep going for the video, as well as the Slow-Mo Guys doing the challenge in slow motion because everything looks cooler in slow motion except turtles, snails, paint drying and grass growing, that shit's boring.

Thanks to Lucinda, Happy Birthday Peter!, greenstamp and Adam, who want to see somebody try to eat a piece of corn attached to the end of a reciprocating saw.

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