Fore!: Massive Gator Struts That Ass Across Golf Course

May 31, 2016


"Dave -- get next to it for perspective."

This is a video of a massive (the guy videotaping estimates 15-feet) alligator taking a stroll across the fairway on its way to the lake beside Hole 3 at the Buffalo Creek Golf Club in Florida. Obviously, everybody in the Youtube comments is calling it fake because there are no real videos on the internet anymore. Are you so sure it's fake you'd be willing to retrieve your ball from the edge of the lake if you hit it in there? Because that's the true test of a non-believer. Just remember that's how Chubbs Peterson lost his hand in Happy Gilmore. Are you willing to trade your hand for an alligator's eyeball? I'd be willing to trade my hand for an alligator's eyeball, but only if I could use that eyeball to brew a potion that could grow me an even cooler hand with six fingers. Then I could go to the bar and be all, "Hey look everybody -- I'm the six-fingered man, I killed Inigo Montoya's father!" and everybody would have a laugh about it but it probably won't score me all the dates I'm imagining it will right now in my mind. Possibly because when you see a man with six fingers you start worrying about what's up with the penis situation.

Keep going for the video.

  • Hazakabammer

    What the fuck, I want a pet alligator, I'd ride the shit out of that. Someone get me a saddle.

  • Martin White

    Godzilla, is it you?

  • Deksam

    "Crikey! What a rippah! Ain't she gorgeous?!"
    "I think I will call her Big Bindi"
    "Now if I could just get close enough to stick my finger up it's butt, I could really piss it off!"

  • Clipper44

    This is why you need to play golf. 15' alligators. Try finding that at your local curling rink.

  • paperboy

    Confirmed: Golf sucks. Florida sucks.

  • That's not an alligator. That's a dinosaur!

  • MostlyPonies

    Same thing.

  • Miles Teg

    It's a puppy!

  • Jason Haynes

    Super fake

  • Elak Swindell

    Fake. Gators get big, but this is clearly CGI. Nicely done though.

  • Throb Gobblin

    You're very bad at spotting cgi.

  • Elak Swindell

    Wrong and it still looks like CGI. With today's advances in graphics, it could easily be done on someone's home computer with this kind of realism.

  • abcdefgjklmnopqruvwxyz

    Snopes says it's real and has a fairly good pic of the monster.

  • Jon
  • Jans

    You Sir, just won the internet..

  • Meh


  • rhartness

    Florida is quickly becoming a place much like Australia & Christmas Island-- places I will never visit (in this case, again) due to the creepy fauna!

  • Big McLargehuge
  • sandul

    florida has crocs now. some idiot brought them over. this is true. so that's probably a crocodile from africa. that would explain why its so big.

  • Throb Gobblin

    Or, it's an alligator, which explains why it visually looks like an alligator, and doesn't look at all like a crocodile.

  • sandul

    ok fine :P

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