First Things First: Guy Saves Man From Burning Car (After Setting Up His Phone To Film Himself Being A Hero)

May 16, 2016


Because what good is being a hero if there isn't a video to prove it, this is a clip of California man Santiago Portillo rescuing a guy from a burning, overturned vehicle, but not before propping up his phone to record the incident. The wreck was the result of suspected street racing, despite the fact that car has absolutely no business racing. What is that, a Honda Accord? I think my aunt drives one of those. She loves it. Was he racing a guy on a bicycle? You're gonna need way more decals on that car if you want to be taken for a serious street racer. Sine the incident, Santiago has been criticized online for stopping to set up his camera before the rescue, and, perhaps even more severely, setting the camera up to record in portrait mode. Some hero! Not to brag or anything, but when I rescued that school bus full of children from the train tracks I didn't even think about recording it, I just leaped into action. "Your phone battery was dead." Right, plus that never happened.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to my pal Jason W, who would have called the local news station and waited for them to show up before attempting a rescue.

  • shashi

    Dude, you haven't got any scratches on your ass... here let me fix that for you

  • Kim Foster Roberts

    First of all I hope the young man is alright and has learned his lesson. The sad thing is in today's world people will sue over anything and everything they can possibly sue over. I'm not so sure that is what this guy was thinking at the time here set his phone to record but it's very possible. Most people who are willing to put their lives in danger to save someone's life aren't going to stop long enough to even think about recording it! Who knows what was on his mind!?! I'm sure here will be bombarded with TV interviews wanting his side of the story.

  • sandul

    if it was a street race crash, then i don't mind taking the time to set the phone down before saving the guy.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Thats way more dude-butt than I ever wanted to see. It's like I'm watching GoT but without teh tittez.

  • GoodBegetsGood

    Was he or was he not asking people to call an ambulance. With their phone. "No, I can't dude! Mine's recording! Can you just do it?"

  • generic etcetera

    The most astonishing element of this story is left unexplained:
    How did he load film into his phone?

  • Leeroy

    He wasn't street racing, it was an Angry Bird. Watch till the end.

  • Andyman7714

    Something is off about this.

  • JJtoob

    Something about it also makes my spidey senses tingle, but if it is fake, it's a pretty well set up accident scene.

  • TheQiwiMan

    You mean cuz it's staged af?

  • Anthony Sepulveda

    totally staged

  • Priorities.
    You have to get them right.

  • Keyzo Gakiya

    Perhaps he started recording the video not only to show off but also to defend himself in case of the victim sueing him? I've heard those things have happened before

  • Shaun9lives

    Doubt it. Besides, the whole suing a good samiritan thing is a bit of an urban myth. Most states have laws protecting citizens who respond to the aid of others. He'd have to commit gross negligence, I.e. do something really, really stupid, to open himself up to a lawsuit.

  • da1nonlysage

    Sue for what exactly Saving his life? Did the person recording cause the flip? If he caused the flip recording himself would probably be the last thing he would think of doing. The person involved in the crash could sue for unwillingly being recorded, but he doesn't seem the type

  • I'd like to have an argument

    Kind of wonder if he first prepositioned the guy before he turned the camera on. He came out real easy.

  • I'd like to have an argument
  • The_Wretched

    Recording saving is fine but dude could also have called 911 at the same time.

  • Meh

    The human mind, its just gorgeous isn't it.

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