Extreme Sports: Woman Playing Jenga With A Whip

May 20, 2016


Seen here in what appears to be some sort of circus themed fetish dungeon, "dance instructor, fire performer and whip artist" April Jennifer Choi (links to her Facebook -- check out the length of that ninja sword!) plays a game of whip Jenga (I won a whip in a claw machine once, you can see it in the front of all my other winnings HERE). Apparently this was her first attempt at whip Jenga, and does remarkably well. I'm not saying Indiana Jones doesn't stand a chance, but he probably doesn't. Plus if you hide his hat from him or even mention snakes he'll get so rattled he'll call Short Round to come pick him up. At least that's what happened at my last birthday party when somebody tossed a rubber snake in the bounce house. Didn't even stick around for cake or a goodie bag.

Keep going for two videos.

Thanks to Dougie, who plays BB gun Jenga and why are you wearing an eyepatch?

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