Death Wishes: Guy In Wingsuit Flies Through Ring Of Fire

May 13, 2016


This is a video of tired of living wingsuit professional Uli Emanuele flying through a ring of fire in the Italian Alps. I don't understand why people do this. Just to say you did? Because I can say I did and I wouldn't even hop-scotch through a hula hoop of fire. "But he has a video." Whatever, people are crazy. If you have to do shit this extreme to get a fix you should talk to your doctor about getting regular adrenaline shots. Also, it's weird to think about how all of Uli's friends that came out to watch weren't sure if they were going to watch Uli fly through a ring of fire or die horribly.

Keep going for the video, it gave me clammy hands. Just kidding, they're oysters.

Thanks to Alan, who told me he's going to do the same thing except while juggling knives because screw physics he makes his own rules.

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