Custom Lord Of The Rings Inspired Wedding Rings Set

May 5, 2016


These are the custom Lord Of The Rings inspired wedding rings made by Takayas Custom Jewelry (previously: their DNA wedding bands) for newlyweds Wesley and Sarah. Impressive, but not as impressive as the ring I gave my girlfriend. "Is that a key ring?" Yes, but not just ANY key ring. "A key ring and the key to your Toyota?" A stranger's Toyota. I found it in the hobby store's parking lot.

For Wesley's ring, Takayas looked to The Key to Erebor for design inspiration while Sarah's rings incorporated elements from the Leaves of Lorien and Arwen's Evenstar necklace (they're also designed to fit seamlessly together).

Ah yes, the Key to Erebor and the Leaves of Lorien. Good choices. Bad choices? Pretty much every one I've ever made. If you asked me to pick a hand and had $500 in one and $1,000 in the other I would probably insist on picking a foot.

Keep going for several more shots.






Thanks to Lizzy, who just wants the one ring to rule them all. DON'T WE ALL, LIZZY.

  • Audrey Kinley

    I actually think that these rings are beautiful. They're just really unique, and the silver on them is gorgeous. My brother is actually going to propose to his girlfriend next week and he wanted me to help him find a ring. I'm hoping we can find a good one soon. http://www.begemanjewelers....

  • TheQiwiMan

    It's a trap! Where's the One to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them???

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  • DFCtomm

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