Competitive Battle Juggling Is A Real Thing That Exists

May 26, 2016


Because you know how I feel about doing battle, this is a video of two guys engaged in combat juggling, which is a real thing that people participate in. Basically you try to get the other juggler to drop a pin, or steal one of theirs. The juggler who remains in control of three pins wins the round. It kind of looks like fun. Unfortunately, I'm not good at juggling anything except two jobs, my volunteer work at the hospital, and fostering dogs and cats waiting for their forever homes. Did I mention I'm also great with kids, love shopping and can apply makeup? Ladies? It doesn't matter, I'm already taken. By God. I am a man of the cloth. Just kidding, I am a man of the leather chaps. *galloping around with wooden horse head on a stick* You should see my erotic stage show. "I'd rather not." You should though. "No thank you." TAKE THESE TICKETS. Oh and FYI the first three rows are located in the splash zone.

Hit the jump for the video, let's try the same thing this weekend except with knives.

Thanks to Allyson S, who agrees those juggling pins should at least be on fire if this is to be considered a proper battle.

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